a postscript

“Thank you to the sun, I owe you one.” – lou shoes & sweaters

Dear Michael, Ron, Brandon & Kyle,

It was great meeting you face to face, getting to know you a little more, talking the talky talk, hanging out. I will now feel so much more comfortable harassing you online, which is probably the real, long-term gift. Thanks for the long awaited esprit de corps. It’s inspiring, and I will draw on that inspiration for quite some time.

Dear Janice, Jacob, Susan, Julia, Lucille, et al.,

Thanks for enduring me, for our daily conversations, and for all your help. I sincerely appreciate you pushing me a little, battling the elements together, teaching me new things, and reminding me that solitude isn’t always the optimal condition in the studio. I’ll miss our magical little window of time together.

Dear Cindy and Maggie,

Thanks for indulging me on this adventure; for helping make it real. I couldn’t have gone without you, and as with everything, it’s all so much better with you. Let’s do it again in seven years!

Dear Everyone; those who read this and cared, or who read a little and pretended to care, or didn’t even know it existed, but let me imagine that you there watching from the wings,

Thank you. It was amazing — amazing! — and you helped me make the most of it, the best of it, and to better understand what “it” was in the first place.

Hope to see you all back home.


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