Day 18.4: Bulk Bag

Dear Frodo,

The last two days have been great fun. Too much fun! Thanks for imbricating pots together, indulging my conversational agenda, and all the good feedback about my crazy future project ideas. We’ve got to do it again sometime. Should be easier, tomorrow, to get those auction mugs wrapped up tomorrow without me jabbering in your ear the entire time.

So my “bulk bag” experiment resulted in 31 pots started yesterday; so far 26 finished today, with five left to trim in the PM session. That’s not too shabby, and proof that I can indeed push the pace when I’m motivated to do so. That might come in handy later, back in the real world. It will be interesting to see if they are qualitatively different once the memory of the making process is gone. For example, I was really racing through those mug handles this afternoon, spending far less time fussing over each than I usually would (and with a good chunk of my attention elsewhere) — will it even show when they’re done? And if so, is it enough to make it worth spending an entire afternoon finishing, say, 12 mugs when I could finish 16 or 20 instead?

We’ll see. Maybe the slow pace I’ve acquiesced to isn’t the inevitability I thought it was. Maybe it’s as much a matter of context and intent as destiny. Maybe I need to take the 80 Cup Challenge to find out where the outer limits really lie. Like my Dad always said, “If you’re going to dream, you may as well dream big.”

Uncle B.


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