Day 17: What is the sound of two bloggers potting?

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Dear Gandalf,

I spent the day working, wheel by wheel, next to Mr. Frodo, and it was about as cool as the time you slew the Balrog. Man — and you thought you missed out the other day! (Well, of course, you did then, too. Both were grand. Sorry if that’s rubbing it in, but the truth will out, as they say.)

Today was like a miniature snapshot of how the original idea would have turned out; or hopefully a preview of what it will be like when we manage to actually pull this thing off someday. So great. Lots of talk about blogs and podcasts, of course, and about the web magazine we’re going to start — more on your first writing assignment later — but also pots and kilns, stories of the good/bad old days, further bits about St. Michael, (Simon, that is), etc.

I tried to match him cup for cup, but even with the benefit of an extra finger I failed miserably; 27 for the day to his 29 in a couple hours less. (And neither of us managed 12×12, but things got rolling in the afternoon.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve done anything like that; probably not since throwing alongside my buddy Daryl B. at the potters’ guild in Boulder 16 years ago. (There was some of that in grad school, but always a little weird and constrained. Like roommates of circumstance, we knew we were stalled next to one another for the long haul, which encouraged some probably wise reticence about getting too friendly.)

Anyways, it was a blast, and a fine way to spend what’s likely to be my last throwing day here. (I’m aiming to go back over and finish off my last bag of clay tonight after Maggie Mags is out — don’t be creepy — so I may still get over 30 for the day.)

[Sorry no pix; didn’t have a camera, but he took some, so I suspect they might make their way onto the Interwebs here shortly.]

Tomorrow’s going to be bonkers, with around 30 pots to finish, and another small batch to get glazed… Whew. I think I can do it!

Goddamn, do I ever love making pots.

Hi to the dwarves for me.



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