Day 16: Finito

“Are you gonna be your own goddamn best friend?” – Modest Mouse

Dear Ceramics,

Suck it. No really, I mean it. Take your 90,000 variables and your million and a half ways for things to go wrong and kindly screw off.

Your warping, slumping, drying cracks and firing cracks; your lime pops, shrinkage, flaking, and occasionanlly exploding; your underfired glazes, overfired glazes, crazing, crawling, pinholing, blistering and bloating; your damp boxes and dry boxes, wet bisks and soft bricks, overglazes, underglazes, slips, glazes, slip-glazes, oxides and frits; your waxing and wadding, loading and stacking, bricking and unbricking; and your god forsaken kilns that always seem to go into the late hours, no matter what time they start. I’m sick of it. I’m out. Find a new sucker to believe in your salty lures and the charlatan promises of yet another fancy test tile. Enough.


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