Day 16-3: Blurg; I’ve already been awake for 15 hours

“Perhaps there are peaks above perfection that can be achieved only by accepting a certain amount of imperfection.” – Julian Baggini


Dear Carter,

I suppose you heard about my little spat with Ceramics earlier. Got a little ugly, I must admit. Some things were said that can’t really be unsaid; feelings hurt on both sides. But I’m not too worried. We’ll get over it. Today at 4am was one of those times where you’re either going to quit or go crank through a bunch of clay, and happily I chose the latter. A pretty good day, all in all, being a little tired-punchy notwithstanding. Oh yeah, and remind me to tell you about my hang out with the esteemed Misters Philbeck and Kline yesterday. Pretty great. I can’t remember the last time I sat around for a couple hours, in person, shooting the shit with other potters I genuinely admire. Perhaps years. The Internet is still super great and all, but it will always be a poor substitute for the real thing.

Anyways, a few pots to check on tonight, a bisk to babysit a little, then hopefully a few more days of wet clay here before it’s time to slay that damn dragon, pack up our loot and head back towards the Shire.



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