Day 16-2: appologia

“I could live without so much, I could die without a dream.” – The Replacements

Dear Ceramics,

Me again.

I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean it. I take it all back. (Well, maybe not the part about the firing cracks, but still…)

It’s not you, it’s me. Really. Well, OK, not really. But it’s at least some of both of us. You’re tough and alluring and so hard to please; I’m stubborn and dumb and just want my wishes to magically come true in fired earth. Is that so wrong?



Anyways, if it’s not too late, let’s just forget that last post happened and move on, shall we? I’ve been a faithful adherent for almost 20 years now — surely that earns me one brief episode straying from the path. Right? Right?


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