Day 15: Welcome to the [kiln] yard

“Never worked so long and hard to cement a failure.” – The Shins

Miss Julia,

Apparently, I failed to notice the “of Hard Knocks” subheading on the School sign. Ugh! Ends up you are one hell of a taskmaster, and a rather harsh grader to boot. I really would have preferred a shallower learning curve, or perhaps a few more pointers along the way — for instance, you could have warned me that I was reducing everything to a nice, even sewer pipe brown, or perhaps suggested that a little crash cooling was in order. Then again, I probably should have known that already.

I guess there’s something to be said for getting 80% of the mistakes out of the way in the first iteration. It helps if there actually are more iterations, of course, and that’s still TBD, but, zooming out a bit, it’s all one big iterative loop, I suppose.

There were a few winners in there; a few more candidates for refiring; a few more that will help train me in the art of the hammer. A lot of ‘probably just good enough to set out for sale cheap, but nothing I’d be exceptionally proud of’, too, sorry to say.

I was right the other day: fire, aim, ready. If kilns had 99 layers of undo like Photoshop, I’d revert the whole load to the beginning and take another crack at it. Alas, in the real world, no such luck. Chalk it up to leaving home on an adventure; a learning experience. They’ll look a little better tomorrow, and I’ll live.


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