Day 13: fire, aim, ready

“It might not be easy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not simple.” – Ze Frank


Dear Carter, Universe, et. al.,

Up at 4am; pilots on just after 5; a cautious climb and adjustment of all my norms to everything being just a little bigger, a little more, and a little different. (I decided to track just slightly behind the logs for this kiln; better safe and being here a little longer than blowing conepacks and humiliating myself here on The Big Stage.

Now it’s just past 1100F and I’m starting to crank it up. Boom boom boom.


So today, morning is afternoon; afternoon will be evening; evening night; and ’round about shut off time, I’ll be pretty dang bleary. Better have someone spell me for a while so I can go take a lie down.

More later.


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