Days 9 to I Don’t Even Know Anymore: Warning Sign

“Here you go, way too fast, don’t slow down, you’re gonna crash.” – The Primitives


Hey Carter,

Ho. Ly. Crap. This week has been a whirlwind, and it shows no signs of slowing down unless I force it to. And, as I’m signed up to load the salt kiln tomorrow, I probably won’t.

Where does the time go?

I’ve been burning it at both ends and in the middle, working harder and more steadily in the studio than in any recent memory; certainly than I have since Maggie was born, and probably going all the way back to my FT experiment circa 2006. I’m already starting to habituated to the idea of going back to the studio for an hour or so each evening, after the dinnertime-playtime-bathtime-bedtime routine. Crazy!

Predictably, that’s starting to take its toll. My back has put me on notice, with the occasional twinge in that spot just above my pelvis on the lower right. Beep beep: you’ve been warned, dummy!

Of course, as soon as I post this, I’ll be racing off to unload a bisk, help unload a soda firing that has my first few teabowls and tests for the month in it, and then starting to slip and glaze for tomorrow’s loading. Oh, and I have four faceted bowls to trim. Beep beep.

Ok, all for now — I’ve gotta go hurt myself. Hope all is well in Potters’ Paradise.


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