“I’m rollin’ down a well-worn road, I’m wonderin’ if I’ll ever know, if I’ll be better than I was before, when I surface through the service door.” – Grandaddy

Dear Carter,

So — roadtrip: Indy, Louisville, Lexington, Knoxville, Asheville. Snow on the way out, ice on arrival; I had never seen a Jeep attached to the front of a semi in a perpendicular orientation before, but now I guess I can check that off the list. Never know what you’ll see (or what might happen to you) when you leave the relative safety of the known, I guess.

Other than that, the trip was pretty typical: coffee, food, gas, repeat; extra stops to keep the four year old on our team; and here we are at last. At last! That’s a whole mess of anticipation — what, 15+ months of hoping and waiting, followed by two and a half days of traveling? That’s more than my tired old routine-loving brain is comfortable with. But now I’ve got a wheel and a corner and some clay and my tools and once I get another pesky night’s sleep out of the way, I’m ready to rock.

Day Zero in the hopper. It’s finally starting to seem real.


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