“Rewrite the book and rule the pages, saving face, secured in faith. Bury, burn the waste behind you.” – REM

Dear Carter,

So… here goes nothing.

Did I mention I can do this on the iPad? And that there’s WiFi here? So much for going off the grid! And, honestly, pretty great. Post anywhere almost anywhere.

Did I also mention that I think I’m going to imitate our mutual potter/blogger friend Ron P. and address each post here to a specific person? And, furthermore, as should by now be fairly obvious, that I’m leaning towards calling that person “Carter”? (Any resemblance is purely coincidental, of course.) I think that might be good; I think that might work.

And while I’m hesitant to borrow from Ron too much (“great artists steal”), and that this might embarrass the real you — e.g. the version of you that doesn’t live solely in my head — I figure I can always change it to Peter Voulkos or Margaret Thatcher later. And I’m intrigued by the format, the gimmick, the framework. I like the implication that, as a change up from my regular gig, I can address this type of writing as if it’s a private/personal communication. Even though it isn’t, of course, that cuts into the usual feeling that I have to consider almost any potential reader as audience, and — hopefully — removes some of the weirdness and opacity that often transpires as a result.

So, as I said, so far — nothing. But I’ve got ideas. I’ve got plans, dude. I’m thinking I might even let myself swear on occasion. I’m here in a new place for a while, with lots of [exciting] possibilities, and I think it’s [fairly] reasonable to expect that more than a few of them are going to end up reflected here. I hope they do, and in ways that are interesting to you. More soon.

“Things are gonna change, I can feel it.”


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